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Firefly writer's workshop
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Welcome to ff_workshop, an anonymous writer's workshop where new short fictions and ficlets from the Firefly and Serenity verse are posted in the hopes of receiving constructive criticism.
  • Do not attack the writer, pairing, or premise of a story.

  • When reviewing, think about commenting on plot, characterization, theme, dialogue, structure, and flow. Tell the writer what makes their story "work" and what is keeping it from having an impact.

  • You may review while logged in to your screen name, but we prefer that you review anonymously. This is not so that you can be rude, just honest.

  • If your fic is used in this comm you will receive honest opinions, favorable or otherwise. Please, keep this in mind before submitting.

  • Submissions

    1. Submissions should be anything from (2) drabbles to short one-shot fictions.

    2. Email all submissions to ffworkshop(at)gmail(dot)com. Submissions should have all html tags already in the document. Be sure to include your lj user name.

      Use this form:

    3. Please be sure stories are previously spell checked. If possible, have your fic betaed. We don't want the workshop to be a beta service; we're here to talk about your writing, not your grammar.

    4. Fics will be posted by a moderator so that the writer is kept anonymous until after reviews are in. Whether or not to be revealed is the choice of the writer.

    5. It is fine to tell your f-list that you are being reviewed at ff_workshop. However, keep in mind that you are less likely to recieve honest reviews from friends if they are logged in. Remind them that they are welcome to review "anonymously".

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